In accordance with Article IX of the Bylaws, the Board of Directors shall appoint an Architectural Control Committee and a Nominating Committee.  In addition, the Board shall appoint other committees as deemed appropriate in carrying out its purpose.  The following Committees have been established to help govern the activities of the association:

  • Architectural Review Committee - In accordance with Article IV of the Amended Declarations, this Committee shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all original construction, modifications, additions or alterations made on or to all existing improvements and the open space, if any, appurtenant thereto, on all property within the Subdivision.  The Committee is responsible to review and approve, in writing, any structures erected, placed, or altered in the Subdivision. 

See the following link to the Architectural Modification Request Form: userfiles/File/Foxboro ARC Modification Form.pdf.  Send completed forms to

  • Finance Committee - This Committee assists the Treasurer with the oversight of the finances as maintained by our management company, Community Group.
  • Nominating Committee - As outlined in Article V of the Bylaws, the Nominating Committee shall consist of a Chairman, who shall be a Member of the Board of Directors, and two or more Members of the Association, appointed by the Board of Directors.  The Nominating Committee shall make as many nominations for election to the Board of Directors as it shall in its discretion determine, but not less the number of vacancies that are to be filled.

If you are interested in serving on any of the above committees, please contact the Board at